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Savannah Restaurant/Bar/Hospitality Attorney

Running a business can always be complicated, but owners of restaurants, bars, and other hospitality companies often have additional concerns and considerations. Whether you plan to start a new venture or already have an establishment, you should not hesitate to seek assistance from an experienced restaurant/bar/hospitality lawyer in Savannah. These are unique businesses with unique legal needs, and the Kuhn Firm, P.C., is ready to help.

Common Legal Concerns

Companies in the hospitality industry must be particularly aware of the responsibilities and requirements that come with serving the public. Some concerns include:


     Liquor licensing - In order to serve alcoholic beverages at your establishment - as most plan to do - you will need to apply for and obtain a license from the Georgia Department of Revenue. If your license might be in jeopardy, you want legal help to ensure you keep your license and can continue selling liquor.

     Health inspections - Georgia has specific regulations requiring food service businesses, and all establishments must pass health and food safety inspections to obtain the necessary permits and licenses.

     Litigation and liability - It is common for restaurants or bars to face liability claims from patrons, including those involving dram shop laws, food safety, and more. This type of litigation can harm the reputation of your restaurant or bar, so you need to present a strong defense against allegations.

     Contract disputes - Restaurants enter into contracts with suppliers and many other entities. If someone breaches a contract or accuses you of breach, you want to address the matter with the right legal help.

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