Directors and Officers Liability

Savannah Directors and Officers’ Liability Attorney

The corporate officers or board of directors of your corporation might face allegations from shareholders, consumers, regulatory agencies, or other businesses, and this can be hugely detrimental to your business if not addressed properly. It is critical for any organization facing a potential lawsuit to seek representation and assistance from a directors and officers’ liability lawyer in Savannah right away.


At Kuhn Firm, P.C., we have extensive experience standing up for companies and their representatives in court, and we will work to minimize the damage to your corporation’s reputation and future success.

Liability Issues for Officers and Directors

Corporate officers and directors have major responsibilities, which also means there is a target on their backs when someone is not content with the company. There are many claims that might arise against board members, CEOs, CFOs, and other officers, including:


     Breach of fiduciary duty

     Misuse of corporate funds



     Failure to protect company assets

     Dishonest dealings


     Criminal acts


Shareholders, customers, and regulatory agencies often have higher expectations of directors and officers, though these company leaders can make honest mistakes or be wrongfully accused. It is important not to ignore any allegations and, instead, face them head-on with an experienced attorney at your side.


Whether you face informal accusations, possible civil penalties, or a private lawsuit, you need a business litigation law firm with experience defending against these types of claims. Our firm can help you avoid unnecessary liability and losses for the entire company.

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