Contract Disputes

Savannah Contract Disputes Attorney

Contracts are the foundation of business transactions, and part of earning profits is entering into a wide range of agreements. These can include vendor agreements, service agreements, leases, employment contracts, construction contracts, and many more. In addition, larger transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, also revolve around contracts, which should always be carefully drafted and negotiated by an experienced attorney.


No matter how airtight an agreement seems to be, however, there is still the chance that one party will not hold up their end of the bargain - or accuse your company of not meeting its obligations. When this situation arises, it is important to discuss the matter with a contract disputes lawyer in Savannah right away. The Kuhn Firm, P.C., can help you resolve your dispute.

Breach of Contract Claims

There are many reasons why a party might accuse another of breaching a contract, such as:


     One party did not fully understand their obligations

     The terms of the contract were ambiguous, and each party interpreted the responsibilities differently

     One party was unable to act due to unforeseen circumstances

     One party simply do not do what they were supposed to do under the agreement

     The contract included misrepresentations or fraudulent information


There are steps to resolving a contract dispute, and we can review your agreement and determine exactly what went wrong or whether there is simply a misunderstanding. In some cases, parties can work out their dispute with an attorney out of court.


Other breach of contract claims might head into arbitration, mediation, or litigation. If this happens, you want the right litigator representing you, no matter what side of the dispute you might be on.

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