Construction Law

Savannah Construction Law Attorney

Construction projects can be highly rewarding and lucrative, though a lot goes into making most construction projects happen. Whether you are building homes or are an investor in a new major commercial complex, there is much that can go wrong. With so much at stake, legal snags during the construction process can often result in extensive losses or liability.


The good news is that the right construction lawyer in Savannah can help oversee construction projects, ensuring they go as smoothly as possible. If disputes do arise, we can help to resolve the matter as efficiently as favorably as possible. You want the Kuhn Firm, P.C., on your side for your construction law needs.

Construction Cases We Handle

Our law firm assists residential and commercial real estate developers and contractors with a wide variety of legal matters. We can:


     Review, draft, and negotiate all contracts and agreements

     Resolve matters relating to construction damage or defects

     Address insurance questions and disputes

     Assist with nonpayment issues and mechanics liens

     Represent parties in breach of contract claims


We understand the many aspects of the construction business and from every perspective. Our clients include investors, engineers, developers, property owners, material suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, construction firms, and more.


The sooner you seek legal assistance with a possible hiccup in a construction project, the greater chance you can resolve the matter with minimal delay or unnecessary expense.

Seek Assistance from a Construction Lawyer in Savannah

Construction is a unique industry with its unique legal concerns and considerations. Whether you want legal oversight to ensure the legitimacy of a contract or transaction, or you are facing a complex construction dispute, you want the right Savannah construction law attorney representing your interests. To learn more about our services at the Kuhn Firm, P.C., call 912.574.4373 or contact us online.