Cannabis Law

Savannah Cannabis Law Attorney

Laws regarding cannabis in the United States are constantly changing, and to say they are confusing is an understatement. The federal government has legalized low-THC hemp and cannabidiol (CBD), which is absent the properties that induce a “high.” Cannabis products with more than .3 percent THC are considered to be marijuana and are still on the controlled substances list under federal law.


At the state level, laws are all over the place:


     Some states still do not allow the sale of CBD or marijuana products

     Some states allow CBD products with no THC at all

     Some states allow CBD products but not marijuana

     Some states permit the sale of CBD (but not marijuana) for medical purposes only

     Some states permit the sale of marijuana for medical purposes only

     15 states and the District of Columbia have legalized the sale and possession of marijuana for personal use


Even as marijuana might be legal in a state, it is still against federal laws, which can have a major impact on businesses in the cannabis industry and how they can operate.

Legal Counsel for Cannabis Businesses

The regulatory scheme regarding cannabis can be a nightmare, and it is important for any cannabis-related operations to have proper legal guidance. Our cannabis lawyer in Savannah can help with the following:


     Formation of cannabis production companies and dispensaries

     Producer and dispensary licensing

     Ongoing advisement regarding legal concerns in the cannabis industry

     Regulatory and compliance counsel

Discuss Your Operations with a Cannabis Lawyer in Savannah

The cannabis industry is undoubtedly growing, and starting a cannabis-related company can be a lucrative prospect. However, you should always minimize your risk of legal issues by seeking assistance from a Savannah cannabis law attorney who understands the changing laws and regulations. Call the Kuhn Firm, P.C., at 912.574.4373, or contact us online today to learn more.