Business Torts

Savannah Business Torts Attorney

There are many reasons why businesses might face losses or liability, and business tort allegations are common ones. A tort is a civil wrong that results in harm to another party, and this harm can be financial, physical, or even emotional. While suffering harm can be costly, so can be facing allegations of tortious conduct, and many businesses suffer when tort claims are not handled properly.


If your company was the victim of wrongful conduct, you should take action to recover the losses it incurred. On the other hand, if you are facing tort allegations, you need the right defense to prevent unnecessary liability. Contact the Kuhn Firm, P.C., to speak with a business torts lawyer in Savannah today.

Common Business Tort Claims

Companies can be on either side of a business tort allegation and, in either situation, the matter should be addressed head-on with the right legal help. Our firm handles a wide range of business tort cases involving the following and more:


     Interference with a contract or business relationship

     Trade secret theft

     Fraud and misrepresentation

     Libel, slander, or disparagement

     Restraint of trade

     Breach of fiduciary duty

     Unfair competition

     Civil conspiracy


If any of the above are suspected by a business, it can file a claim against the wrongdoer to seek damages for any losses incurred. In some cases, a court might also order an injunction to stop future wrongful conduct.

Have the Right Business Torts Lawyer in Savannah On Your Side

If another business or party has wronged your company, it is time to take legal action. If your company or its members have been accused of tortious conduct, you need to build a strong defense. In either situation, a Savannah business torts attorney from the Kuhn Firm, P.C., can assist you. Call 912.574.4373 or contact us online for more information.