Business Fraud

Savannah Business Fraud Attorney

Fraud is a criminal offense that involves using false information for wrongful financial gain, and fraud can be rampant in the business world. Unfortunately, wrongful allegations of fraud can also be common. At the Kuhn Firm, P.C., we have seen fraud claims arise in many contexts, and we know how to handle this situation, whether you are bringing or facing allegations. Consult with a business fraud lawyer in Savannah for help today.

Common Business Fraud Claims

Many different types of fraud can occur in the business landscape, including:


     False accounting

     Fraudulent contracts

     Payroll fraud

     Counterfeiting or forgery

     Asset skimming or misappropriation

     Invoice fraud

     Investment and securities fraud

     Data fraud and identity theft

     Tax fraud

     Insurance fraud

     Kickbacks or bribery


Fraud can be a claim brought in civil court by parties who believe they incurred losses due to wrongful conduct. If you suspect your business was defrauded, have an experienced attorney assess whether you have a valid civil claim. If someone files a fraud lawsuit against your company, you need to defend against these allegations with the right legal representation.


In some cases, fraud might get reported to state or federal agencies, who might conduct an investigation into the matter. You want to have a legal professional communicating with investigators during this process to minimize the possible consequences. In the worst-case scenario, authorities might bring criminal charges of fraud against your company or individual members. In this situation, you need the strongest possible defense.

Discuss Your Concerns with a Business Fraud Lawyer in Savannah

If you think you were wrongfully defrauded, you want to raise your concerns and possibly file a legal claim as soon as possible. If you are facing fraud accusations, you need to be prepared to defend yourself and your organization. A Savannah business fraud attorney from Kuhn Firm, P.C., can help, so please call 912.574.4373 or contact us online right away.