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Arbitration or Litigation for Your Business Dispute?

If your company is a party to a legal dispute, you might fear the matter is shortly headed to court. However, not every business dispute is destined for litigation, as there are other dispute resolution methods to consider. One common alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method used by companies is arbitration.

You might not be familiar with the differences between arbitration and litigation or which one is the appropriate avenue to resolve your case. You should have a business litigation lawyer in Savannah assess your situation and advise you on the best options to resolve your dispute as favorably as possible.

Similar Proceedings

Arbitration is often compared to a bench trial, as each side presents their case to neutral arbitrators, who then determine how to best resolve the dispute. The arbitrator’s decision is legally binding, so you want to be sure you have a strong case going in. While a judge or jury’s decision in litigation is also binding, there is often the opportunity to appeal an unfavorable verdict.

Arbitration is shorter than litigation, costs less, and is confidential. For this reason, many contracts require that parties participate in arbitration and waive their rights to file lawsuits in civil court. Our attorney can identify whether arbitration is mandatory in your case based on any underlying agreements.

While there are benefits to arbitration, it is not always the right method of dispute resolution. If you have a choice, litigation might be in your favor due to the opportunity for settlements during the process, as well as the chance to appeal. If another party files a lawsuit against your company, you might have no choice but to dive into the litigation process.

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